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A bet on the future

Amube SA is an Argentine company with more than 45 years of experience. Since it was founded in 1973, its main objective has been to guarantee the speed of delivery, quality and the best price for its products. Thanks to the continuous incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, the committed and professional work of the staff and the permanent effort to offer quality at a low price, Amube SA has managed to satisfy these demands.

The increase in both the volume of production and the extension of the facilities allow Amube SA to respond in a timely manner to the demand not only from the national market, but also from the international one.

The long-term challenge is to continue investing in the national industry, innovating, preserving the quality of the product and treating its customers and suppliers well. We are faithful to the conviction that betting on growth is betting on the future.

Our history

Amube SA began its activity in the town of Isidro Casanova in a small space of 170 m2. In its beginnings, the production was made of bedroom items such as single beds, bunk beds and cradles, in solid wood. In 1980, the first imported automatic machine was introduced, which made it possible to improve the quality and volume of production. Since then, the incorporation of technology has been a challenge that has been maintained year after year. In 1997, Amube SA moved to a 10,000 m2 covered property, projecting long-term growth for the company.

The new facilities located on Av. Juan Manuel de Rosas, in the town of Isidro Casanova, allowed us to have enough space to organize and streamline the production process. This growth was key to adapting production to ever-increasing demand and also to respond to periods of economic crisis with flexibility and development. This is how Amube SA had to venture into new areas to continue growing. At the end of the 1990s, it began to work with melamine in the production of bathroom furniture, implying a significant investment in new machinery.

Currently the company manufactures solid wood and melamine vanities, cupboards, under kitchen countertops lacquered and unlacquered. For that, it has a professional team dedicated to achieving quality products. quality at low cost, paying special attention to the entire production process from the selection of suppliers to the distribution and marketing of its products.

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